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Michael Obermeyer

As an illustrator, I've always created art to fit other's needs. Painting, however, offers me the opportunity to create for myself to allow others to see how I perceive life around me, and to totally escape from the real world for a while. I enjoy painting outdoors and working quickly. It keeps my paintings fresh and spontaneous. I especially like to paint as much of the open space as I can, as it seems to be rapidly disappearing.

When painting outdoors, in plein air, I must work quickly due to the changing light. I have, therefore, a limited palette of four to seven colors. This orderly layout also enables me to mix clean, fresh color. I try to find subject matter that fascinates me. Nature provides the perfect balance of shape, value and color- the three elements I find most important in painting. It can be so satisfying and I feel blessed for that.


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