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National Award Winning Artist

"All art work in which imagination plays no part is impossible for me." – Eugene Delacroix

My selection of subject matter is inspired by landscape shapes distinctive to the Sonoma Valley: natural objects such as weathered old oaks, unique rock formations, or man made vineyard patterns. I paint quite often outdoors to stimulate an emotional response. I am intrigued by the complexity of gray values that exists within this Valley as well as the clarity of its luminous lights.

Furthermore, I also wish to establish in my paintings a sense of movement by emphasizing various speeds of circular forms. An awareness of abstract design through conceptual ideas permeate my work. I love the interlocking relationship that can exist between pattern and shape.

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Manette Fairmont's Painting

Contemporary Paintings

Manette Fairmont's Painting

Plein-Air Paintings

Refer to Article: "Creating movement through color". These paintings reflect the introspective discoveries of creative ideas as experienced through improvisation and spontaneous design to create unity. One of the ways I demonstrate this is by placing transparent color over opaque color; another is to place muddy colors next to clear washes of transparent paint. I learned this approach from studying the work of the late, masterful watercolor painter, Millard Sheets. I’d like to credit other creative masters who have inspired me by their commitment to dynamic use of watercolor: Phile Dike, for his rich values and vibrant texture; Keith Crown, for his spontaneity and electric originality. I greatly respect many of the artists from the early California Contemporary Watercolor Movement, 1929-1954,"Choiunard Art Institute" of Los Angeles. These visionary artists propelled watercolor painting into the realm of "serious" art.

I value this quote from an old master painter, Eugene Delacroix: "All work in which imagination plays no part is impossible for me." Watercolor has a sensitivity and dynamism no other medium can duplicate! It has humbled and challenged the best of artists! It is my sincere desire to express a vision, sifted through the prism of my imagination, that brings new awareness to the viewer. A new way of viewing the world. A new way of thinking. A new way of seeing. A new way of appreciating watercolor. Nature in not stagnate but on the move toward refinement and creativity. This is true of the artist. We too must evolve and clarify our vision. The creation of art is hard work! The effort of a painting comes through its process. Years of effort. Years of thinking. Painting upon painting! No one work contains the whole idea!


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